Saturday, April 12, 2014

a beautiful weekend

Our weather has been perfect this weekend. Sadly, it's going to turn cold again this week, but we are enjoying every ounce of spring that we can!

Friday night, we went to watch the Northwest Arkansas Naturals play.
We had a great time!
The Naturals lost, but we got to see an awesome fireworks display after the game!
Today, B Boy had baseball practice and then we came home to do some yard work and house work. Tim grilled some awesome burgers for dinner.
I thought since the weather was so great and we had time, that I would try to get some spring pictures of the kids.

Every time that I take photos of the kids, I am stressed out, frustrated and sure that I am not getting any good photos.
The kids are okay for the first little bit and then they are so over it.
I took quite a few pictures, but I think I got a few really good ones. Plus, editing goes a long way... :-)
Here are some of my favorites:
Tim decided to take a picture of me taking pictures, lol.
This could quite possibly be my favorite picture of them ever.


  1. oh my goodness, you got LOTS of great pictures!! beautiful!!! I need to do this! but I doubt my boys would cooperate as good as yours, hehe!! :)

  2. What wonderful pictures! The fireworks look awesome!


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