Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekly Randomness

Happy Monday, Monday!

So, I'm happy to report that my lunch at Taziki's was fantastic!  I had the grilled lamb gyro (they pronounced it "euro" for your reference) and I can't wait to go back and try something new! We also got to visit with this cute little dude!
Tim had game duty in Fayetteville Thursday night and the kiddos and I had a really good evening together.

Friday morning, I got to read with 1st graders again!  I love those little guys and how excited they get to see me!

After the kids went to bed Friday evening, Tim and I watched Captain Phillips. I thought it was going to be so intense that I couldn't stand it, but there were only a couple of times I found myself hiding my head (nothing too bad happened though.)  It was a VERY good movie and Tom Hanks is one of the best actors of ALL TIME.  I have loved every movie he has ever been in.  And when you look at his filmography- it's amazing.

Saturday, B Boy had a birthday party to go to, so we headed to Target to get a gift (and saw a few friends there!) and then headed to Chuck E Cheese for the party.  Of course all the kids had a blast and I had fun catching up with some friends!

C Girlie felt under the weather on Saturday, so her and Tim stayed home and lazed around. It was beautiful this weekend, so the kids did play outside for a short bit.  I ran to the library because my hold for Allegiant finally came up!  I haven't started it yet, but I am going to tonight!  I also stopped in our Harps so that I didn't have to go into Walmart again. It made me realize how much I miss being in a real grocery store!  I need to venture in more often!

Sunday morning, I went to church solo because both kids seemed to need some rest and I didn't want to risk them getting other kids sick if they were indeed, sick.  Our Sunday school class had a potluck after church and I stayed (even though I felt guilty!)  It was fun though and I got to talk to some of the new couples in our class.

The kids felt great all day Sunday and I was so glad.  I'm so thankful that they have not been sick very many times in their lives.  I honestly do not get sick often either (except all of my GI issues that I can't do anything about :/) and Tim has only been sick a handful of times the entire time we have been married.  He also has never had a cavity. Jerk.  Hahaha!

We played outside in the beautiful weather that was in the 60's!  It felt awesome to sit there and let the sun bake on me.  Yay Vitamin D!

I finished up the afternoon by cutting B's hair, baking a cake for Tim to take to work and whipping up some of our favorite gumbo.  We were talking about our gumbo the other night and it reminded me of Justin Wilson.  Do any of you know who that is or ever watched his show??!!  I LOVED watching when I was a kid! So funny!

We all went to church Sunday evening.  I've really enjoyed going the past few weeks!  It's so hard for B to make it through because he is used to getting ready for bed by 7ish.  He was so tired last night!

After church, we got the kids in bed and I started watching the Grammy's and flipping over to the Bachelor wedding.  
Let me start by saying, I haven't watched the Bachelor in years, so I'm not sure why I was so enthralled last night.  I guess because it was a wedding?!  It was so sweet and I LOVED how much praying and their faith was shown!

So, let's talk about the Grammy's.  I did not dig it very much this year .  It had weird moments, offensive moments, boring moments and occasionally good moments.  I felt very out of touch (which I hope is a good thing) with mainstream music.  It also makes me sad to see people getting old.  So, yeah.  It wasn't my favorite.  Maybe next year...

Today, has been cleaning day, getting the fireplace fixed day (!!!), and about to watch last night's Downton Abbey day.

Our fireplace has not been working for two months so I'm super excited to be able to have it going again!  In case you are wondering, it was 63 degrees here yesterday and right now the temperature is 18 degrees.  I wish I were joking.

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