Thursday, January 23, 2014

this week....

It's been a pretty quiet week around here.  Tim stayed home Monday feeling under the weather, so we were pretty lazy.  Monday was a gorgeous day and the kids got to play outside for a long time after school. Tuesday, always my busy day, was filled with Bible study, a dentist appointment, Tuesday folders, and my girl's night out.  Yesterday, I spent the day at home.  I'm having lunch with some friends today at a new restaurant, Taziki's.

Other notable mentions:

  • I've had a monster cold sore since last Friday that I think is finally healing up.
  • I have to get a crown on a tooth next week.
  • C's teacher is having a baby!  My girl is super excited about it!  So am I!
  • I've been practicing a lot with my new camera.  I pretty much went from an entry level DSLR to the top DSLR in the amateur level.  It has many more bells and whistles that I had to learn and get used to! I love it a ton and the lens that I bought along with it.  There is one more lens on my wish list, but I think I will wait for a while.  I have two cameras and 4 lenses and it's just a hobby.

 Monday: sunny and 60 degrees
 I sat outside soaking up the vitamin D and longing for spring.
Today our high is 20 degrees.
They love Tim's Christmas gift so much.
Freshly bathed and doing homework.
 Devouring another Magic Tree House book.
This Bible study is very challenging and thought provoking.  I HIGHLY recommend it!  I'm not sure I've ever had a study make me consider my Christianity any more than this one.

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