Monday, December 16, 2013

A fun, full weekend!

This post is heavy on pictures and even a video because it was a very eventful weekend!

I finished all of my Christmas shopping except for Tim on Friday! I even have quite a few gifts wrapped! I'm so proud!
Friday evening, Tim hosted a bowling party for his teachers! Not all of them were able to come, but it was a very fun time!  It's always so nice getting to know the teachers at his school.
Saturday morning was our church Christmas store.  The first picture below is from Thursday morning. It is just a small portion of the donations that were received.

We were able to bless and minister to over 600 families from our community and those surrounding it.  I'm so blessed by it every year and humbled to be able to serve and help during it.  C Girlie came with me this year.  I always work in the children's wrapping area. This is where children come and pick out gifts for their parents and then we wrap them. She was an amazing helper and I am so proud of her!
 C and one of her sweet friends helping fold wrapping paper bags to put gifts in.
As I was coming home Saturday, I took a photo of our street.  This is 9 days after we got snow.  We rarely ever have snow that sticks around this long! It is all pretty much melted now and we will get up to almost 60 degrees this week. Insane! But we are also supposed to get winter weather again this weekend....welcome to Arkansas!
 Our mail has not been coming every day due to the weather and I got a bunch of cards on Saturday. That's always so fun! I love Christmas cards!
 I found a package of Reece's trees and they had half chocolate and half white! I don't care for chocolate so I was THRILLED that they had these.  I'll take a truckload please!
Sunday at church was our Christmas choir performances.
C Girl is in the children's choir and they sang in church.
It was so great and I love how beautiful our church is at Christmastime.
 I love how festive the kiddos looked :-)
Please forgive my awful video skills.  I had failed to check my settings on time and it was on a setting that had focus points and it kept re-focusing. Boo.  It's still precious.
I hope our family and friends far off enjoy it :-)

Sunday afternoon, I went to a surprise birthday party!
Kelly is in my Sunday school class and she turns 40 next week!
A few of her friends hosted this party and had it at our skating rink!
Kelly was SO surprised! She had no clue!
I love that! I have been to very few surprise parties so I really enjoyed it a lot!
AND I skated! I thought I would really remember, but I was pretty wobbly! However, I never fell and I made quite a few laps, so there's that! HA!
I got to meet a few ladies that I had not met in person and that was so fun!
All of these ladies are so, so wonderful and I'm so glad to know them!
 Sunday evening, the children's choirs did all of their songs in church (in the morning service, they only did one.)
It was so sweet.  I super love watching the 3yo-kindergarten choir. They are SO cute and funny!
 I am so proud of C.  She has grown leaps and bounds this year.  Her confidence is sky high and she is losing most of her shyness.  I'm so glad she is surrounded by amazing teachers at school and church who love her and build her up!
I have a busy, fun week this week!  I hope yours is great!

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