Monday, November 4, 2013

The big catch up

Warning! This is a long post catching up on life! Finally!

Almost two weeks ago, we were in week 2 of October intercession.  Tim took the day off from work and we loaded up and went to the Tulsa zoo.  This is the first zoo we ever took the kids to when they were smaller and we have always loved it.  The weather was perfect that day and we were one of only a few families there - score for being off in October!
do you see the bee and the spider?  eeeeek!
love these guys!
We bought a deal on Living Social that included unlimited carousel rides. My kids were in heaven!
I wish I could post pictures of all the animals. There really is a lot to see and they are currently expanding the zoo!

The next day, the kiddos had dentist appointments. They had a good report, so we had a trip to Taco Bell!

Friday, the kids went to their old school to read in their K and 1st grade classes!
They both did an amazing job!
 We spent the rest of the day getting my flu shot, shopping and then having a pizza and cookie movie night! We watched Nanny McPhee and it was really cute!

We had a relaxing weekend.  Last week included enjoying the fabulous fall colors, carving pumpkins, watching the rain, red ribbon week at school, and Halloween.
Hoping to "sell" candy to trick or treat-ers! This is one of their favorite parts of Halloween!

Friday, I purchased a camera from one of my photographer friends!  I have a Nikon D3100 and love it! I now also own a D7000 and I'm excited to get to know this camera!  I'm definitely not ever going to be a pro photographer.  I just really, really love taking pictures.  

Friday night, we had a dinner out at Copeland's. I love that place so much!
Saturday, we went to Cracker Barrel (we did a lot of eating out!) and then to the Razorback game.
Yesterday we had church and then our fall family photo session.
My friend Bethany did our photos and the preview is amazing!!!
She did some photos for me in the spring and those were outstanding so I can't wait to see the magic she has for us this time!
It looks to be a low key week and I'm very much looking forward to that!

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