Friday, September 20, 2013

Hair drama & other things

This week has been something else.  I had a hair appointment on Monday for my normal color and cut.  On Monday evening, as I was looking in the mirror in the bathroom, I noticed that my hair was not looking normal.  
My roots(new growth) were way darker than the rest of my hair.

I got a hold of my stylist and she had me come in Tuesday to "fix" it.
I had my book club on Tuesday evening, so I didn't really examine my hair a whole lot. It had looked better in the salon so I thought all was well.
Wednesday evening, I was once again in the bathroom looking in the mirror.  
My hair was NOT better.
BIG sigh.

I had another friend who used to do my hair stop by. She agreed that it needed to be fixed.
SO, yesterday I went back to the stylist for the 3rd time this week.
It does look MUCH better, but I can still tell that it does not look as good as it normally does.

So, 5 hours at the salon later, I'm still frustrated. I really love my stylist, but I want my hair to be normal every time.  Should I try to find another lady?  

If any of my local friends have recommendations, please let me know!  

Wednesday night, Tim and I discussed health insurance options while the kids were at AWANA. Hot date, right?!
Insurance is definitely not the easiest thing to understand and decide on :(

Yesterday, I had my appointment for the Cancer Prevention Study-3What an honor it is to be able to participate in that. The appointment only took 25 minutes.
Afterwards, I met up with my friend Jessica from Sunday school.  Do you remember my friend Jenn who I told you about not long ago?  She is also in my Sunday school class and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.
Yesterday was her birthday AND her 2nd round of chemo.
What a suck that is!
Jessica and I went and got Sonic drinks and cupcakes for everyone who was sitting with her.
I got her a card and a tiara.  I'm so glad she liked it and I hope she did feel like a queen yesterday.
She decided to shave her hair last night because her hair has began falling out.
I know inside she is having a really hard time. Who wouldn't be?

BUT, you would never be able to tell from the outside.
We laughed and told stories and had a great time visiting with her yesterday.
It's so hard watching a friend go through this.  She inspires me so much. 
I'm not naive to think she has it all together, but she her sense of humor and trust in God are so obvious through it all.

I'd love for you to pray for her.  Pray that the chemo kicks this cancer's butt so bad that it never comes back! And pray for strength for her during all of this. 
When I left the cancer center, I had to run home to do some things, go to my 3rd hair appointment, hurry over to pick up the kids and take C to gymnastics, run home after to make dinner, have the kids get baths and do homework, go to a 1st grade parent night and then home to put the kids to bed.

Do you ever have days like that?  I felt like I barely had time to pee yesterday!

Today, I'm going to catch up on cleaning the house, make a meal to take to a family and hopefully have a fun date night with my little family!

Tomorrow, we are helping my brother, Kevin move to his new house!  They recently sold their 1st house and just bought a bigger house with a bigger yard.  They live right across the border in Oklahoma now.  So now my brother lives in another state! funny! They still will work where they do now because they literally live very near the AR/OK border.  My brothers have always helped move us, so I was glad to be able to return the favor.

It's raining here this morning. I'm so thankful for the water for my plants & grass and for the lower temperatures that it brought!  I'm enjoying the rain and a big ol' cup of coffee!

I hope everyone has a very enjoyable weekend!


  1. I would go back to the salon - but ask for head stylist/manager. I would not let the same girl do it again.


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