Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Days in the life

Tim gets off at 11:30 on Fridays in the summer.

Friday, after VBS, we had plans to go to the Rogers Aquatics Center.  My sinuses and allergies have been really bad this past week, so I took some meds and a short nap before we headed out.

It was crazy crowded when we first got there around 3.  By 4:30, it was clearing up a lot!  We all had a great time.  We even saw some friends!

Afterwards, we treated the kids to Pizza Hut.  I am in love with the cinnamon sticks. IN LOVE.  FYI just in case anyone wants to bring me any :-D

There was a free outdoor concert at Orchard's Park at 7:30 that we took advantage of.  It was a beautiful night and we enjoyed the music and each other.

Before heading home, we stopped by Crystal Bridges to check out Buckyball.  Here is a nice little article about it. And this You Tube video shows some of what you can see when you watch it.

I'm constantly in awe of the things we get to experience here in this town.

Satuday, B Boy had a birthday party to go to, I got some groceries and then had a hair appointment.  I love getting my hair done.  My stylist does a fantastic scalp massage.  I wish I could have her wash my hair all the time!

Sunday morning, we had such wonderful messages in church and in Sunday school.  The stirring I've been feeling is so ever present.  

Even in sorrowful times, God is so faithful.  He is our hope.  We can't hope in blessings and things, because those don't sustain us.  We have hope in Him because bad times and sorrows do come.  

I was blessed to get to hear my kiddos sing all afternoon long on Sunday to their VBS cd.  There is nothing like seeing them beginning in the journey of trusting God.

I finished up most of the PTO stuff for our previous school yesterday!  I'm going to miss them, but I'm so happy to be free of that responsibility.  

After those meetings, I got my teeth cleaned.  It was so funny with the kids there.  They were constantly sticking their heads in the middle of it so that they could see what the hygienist was doing!

Tim had a board meeting last night, so we had a quick early dinner with him.  I had to take the kids to Walmart again for groceries.  We have family coming today for the night and we are making dinner for them.  We love having family here so much.  One of my love languages is making food for people.  It just makes me really happy. Ha!

The rest of the week is really laid back and I am so glad!  We only have a couple of weeks before the kids go back to school.  I still have things on our bucket list that we want to do, so I'm ready to start checking things off!

And since company is coming, I need to get off my booty and get my house in order!

Have a great day today friends and family!

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