Friday, March 8, 2013

Shifting Focus

I've been faced with a tough decision lately. It is one of those decisions that is extremely hard to make because it involves relationships. 

This past year has been VERY hard on our family (our nuclear family).  Not hard in the ways that life can sometimes be hard, but hard nonetheless.

Tim has a lot of responsibility and stress at work and often he has duties on weeknights. I have become ├╝ber involved in volunteering at school and I participate in some church activities. Throw all that in with taking care of a home, taking care of two kids, homework, reading, baths, packing, moving, unpacking, family get togethers and whatever else, life can get overwhelming. 

Before the kids were in school, we had very leisurely days. Leisurely as in we didn't have a lot of plans and we didn't go many places. We also lived in a small town during most of that time. And it was so nice not *having* to do anything. 

I spent time with the kids, did house projects, read, cooked, and just did home related things. 

I've learned lately that I miss that so bad. I love being a wife and mother and a homemaker. 

I want to be more relaxed and focus all of my attention on my family. Not that I am not currently focusing on them, but I could be focusing all my attention and be a lot more relaxed while doing it!

In saying all of that, those are the reasons that have led me to make the decision I'm making in our life. I believe this decision will give me back more time that I have invested in other things this past year. 

Don't get me wrong, I have been doing good with what I've been doing, but that doesn't always mean that it is right for my family at this time. 

My family deserves the best me and that's what I'm working on giving them.
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