Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend | November 16-18, 2012

We had a great weekend around here :)
I told you about Friday night here.
Saturday, I got up early to get ready and drive to Ft. Smith to go see Breaking Dawn Part 2 with Jessica!
No spoilers, but I will say how very, very good the movie is!
Saturday night, we had the babysitter come over and Tim and I went to the movies to see Skyfall.
We had such a great time!
This morning, we had church.
Afterwards, we came home, ate lunch, did stuff around the house and the kiddos played outside.
We then cleaned up the garage and went to the storage building to get a few things, including- the Christmas tree.
Our storage company put in a gated system a few months ago.  It was locked when we got there tonight. We could not remember our code!  It took a trip home to look for it without success and 15 minutes of trying to get it right! Thankfully, it IS something easy and obvious, but we are slow. LOL.
C Girl normally has church activities on Sunday nights, but they are cancelled for today and next week due to the holiday. 
So, after dinner tonight (we had a leftover smorgasbord), we played "Sorry" with the kids for the first time! We had a LOT of fun playing it.  C Girlie is getting very fun to play games with!
I am SO looking forward to this week.
All of our normal weekly things are not happening due to the holiday.
That means that Monday and Tuesday, I get to spend just doing stuff at home and getting ready to host everyone on Thursday!
And I get to start getting prepared to decorate for Christmas!
We are already feeling the Christmas spirit :-D

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