Thursday, April 5, 2012

instagram and egg hunts and kites {ya know, things that go together!}

So, Instagram for Android(my phone) was released Tuesday!
I'm obsessed.
 Like I've used it on the iPhone(hubby's phone) for so long to edit pics, but just recently started realizing how "social" it is- that you can like and comment and stuff! I'm so behind, lol!
So, I've taken a Twitter break, which has been wonderful for me if you are wondering, but now I always want to check Instagram!
Too many THINGS to take up my time!!!
First Instagram picture from my phone :-) EASTER EGGS!!!
We took the kids to an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday.
Do you know the kind?
Ginormous community egg hunt.
Why do we feel the need to do these? Seriously, kids have just as much fun hunting for eggs at home! (Sorry! JMO!)
Ugh. Never again.
It was insane!!!
This is JUST the 4-5 year old age group.
The kids had a blast though.
(Also, all of the pictures were shot in MANUAL. I know. I'm so proud of myself and all that I have learned!)
Sunday we decided to let the kids (and us!) fly kites for a while.
The wind was perfect for flying.
Can you see the moon in this shot? kinda cool!
I love how happy C girl is in this picture!

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