Monday, September 19, 2011

Workin for the Weekend

I LOVE my weekends. Love, love, love them. 
Our weekend started out wonderful. It was a little rainy, but it was date night! Our church has Parents night out every month and the kiddos love it and we get 4 hours kiddo free! Tim and I started at Table Mesa Bistro downtown in Bentonville. This has been on our "tour of restaurants" list and we are slowly, but surely making our way through the list. We had a small wait, so I started with a glass of Yellowtail Cabernet. It was very good. I definitely am now a Yellowtail lovah. We looked over the menu while we were waiting and there were lots of great choices. 
We decided on the Mamma Mia chicken. The chicken was topped with melted feta cheese and avocado and served on top of a fried portabello mushroom and roasted red pepper mashed potatoes. Seasoned, steamed broccoli was served on the side. This dish was unbelievably flavorful.

I wish we had a picture of it,
but it was very dim in the restaurant. 
I guess to make it feel all "romantical."
Our next stop was Copelands famous New Orleans restaurant. They were super busy. We had went there for dessert. We ended up getting some cheesecake to go. And as always, it was very yummy. We picked up the kiddos a little early and they were not happy about that! We thought they would be tired though.

Saturday started off good. We had pancakes and then went out to run some errands. We had lunch at Smokin Joe's BBQ. This is probably might favorite restaurant in bentonville so far. We got home and got the kids down for a nap because we had a Razorback game to go to in the evening. C girl woke up not feeling well and ended up having a fever of 102. So, the boys ended up going to the game and the girlies stayed home. We watched Ever After, made snicker doodles and snuggled in bed. It was great one on one time. I just wish she had been feeling better. 
I didn't want to spread any sickness around, so we stayed home from Sunday school and church on Sunday. It continued to be a rainy day as it had been all weekend. 
Also, this happens on the weekends here-


  1. Haha! Love the bedroom pics...our house looks exactly the same!

  2. I'm so glad you posted the messy bedroom picks, makes me feel a little better about L's room!


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