Sunday, August 21, 2011

Great Women

Last December, I wrote about some Grand Ladies in my life that I had lost.  

Last year, was a really tough year for me. 
 Some would say that I was lucky that I had never lost someone close to me before.  

That may be true, but that made it very hard for me to deal with the loss.

Losing someone makes you think. A LOT.  And about lots of things.  

I realized through this thinking that although I lost many great women in my life, I have been blessed with many more.

I started making a list of these women:
Tim's sisters (Karen and Tammy)
My half sister (Marie)
His neices (Khelli and Megan)
His nephew's wife (Sherry)
My brother's wives (Jessica and Veronica)
My brother's wives' moms (Maggie and Diana)
My great, awesome friends (Jessica{she made 2 lists!}, Amber, Kelly, April) [These girls deserve a whole post to just them!]
My aunts (Brenda, Sue and Ann)
My cousins (Love you Missy and all the other girls!)
Grandmas and relatives of my SIL's and my friends
My mom (even though it's not the typical "mother/daughter" thing, she is still my mother)
My Twitter friends (there are some AWESOME, AMAZING women on Twitter!)
Bloggy buddies (most of these are also on Twitter)
Even extended friends and relatives that keep touch and comment on Facebook

I look at that list and think, Wow.  That is a LOT of amazing women that orbit around my life.  They are there for me. They inspire me.  
And? I know there will be more.

As we start our journey with school and getting more involved in community and church, there will be more amazing women entering my life.
I feel so blessed to have such amazing women in my life.  Who are the great women in your life?


  1. What a great list!

    I would have to top my list with my Babcia, my father's mom. She is sooooo amazing and smart and kind and patient and loving and everything a true Babcia should be. And I miss her.

    I also have an awe inspiring best friend who is now several states away but who I still feel close to.

    And twitter/blogging friends.

    Not too bad a list :)

    Thanks for reminding us to think of the amazing women around us!

  2. That is a great list! We need inspiring women in our lives. I'm thankful to have many and I hope to show my daughter the inspiring women around her.


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