Thursday, December 16, 2010

Grand Ladies

My Granny Cates was the first big blow. 
The first time in my life that I lost someone I was really close to.  The first time I saw the effects of old age on someone I loved.  She was a lady that had one of the biggest impacts on my life.  How I miss her so. 
And then, we lost Rheba.  My heart broke so much more.  I guess because I was around her so much over the past 7 years and she was my kiddos beloved Nan.  Right before Thanksgiving we lost Rheba's mother, Granny Dixon.  I wish I had known her better, but she always was wonderful to me and let me know how much she loved me, Tim and the kids.  I never knew my maternal grandmother but she passed away when I was younger.  These ladies have been my "grands." 
Now, my Granny Cates' sister, my great aunt Georgie has passed away today. 
 She was so sweet!  She showered me with love every time I visited her as a kid, teenager, and some as an adult.  I know she will be missed my many. 
My dad's (technically stepdad, but that is not what I consider him) mother is 94 and in failing health. 
 I'm waiting every day to hear news that she has passed. 
My half sibling's grandmother who has written me and sent me cards most of my life is in the nursing home and not well.  All these ladies that made up my childhood and have been orbiting around my life are all leaving.  Granted, they are going on to a better place, but it makes you feel like pieces are missing from you.  Pieces that make you who you are.
Granny Cates, Aunt Ann (another grand lady in my life!), and me

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