Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Questions about blogging

Hi friends!  I have been doing lots of thinking lately! Scary huh?!  Today I have some thoughts and questions about this world of blogging.  I would greatly appreciate it if you guys would give me some feedback on the questions!

I started reading a couple of blogs back in 2006 and 2007.  Back then, I had two little little ones and writing a blog was the farthest thing in my mind.  I even held the reservations of putting myself "out there." 

In January of 2009, I decided to just go for it.  I wanted to be able to write and remember things about the kiddos and I hoped other family members and friends could see what was going on with us.  I didn't post much at first and wasn't sure if anyone was even reading my blog.  I liked the idea of it, but I wasn't on Twitter or commenting on blogs, so I didn't have any connections to get me really into it.  

Fast forward to last July.  I already had a Twitter account, but never used it.  After the move here to Bentonville, I was lonely and decided to strike up the connection again with Twitter.  I learned how to use it.  I added friends.  A lot of people added me.  I started meeting other moms who also wrote blogs.  All of the sudden, the entire world of blogging was opened up to me.

I follow huge blogs and not huge blogs.  There are so many I love and my Reader is full every day until I get my "reading" finished.  I interact with friends on Twitter.  I hear about blog conferences, vlogs, building your blog and your brand, and countless other blog related things.  

I read blogs where moms share their children's names and many details of their lives.
I read blogs where moms have made "pseudonyms" for their children but still share a lot. 
I read blogs where moms write, but not always about their children and some write mainly about other things and sometimes about their children.

There are blogs with lots of giveaways and sponsored posts.  There are many guest posts and reviews.  There are blogs like mine that focus mainly on updates with that family.

I've been thinking about blogging, why I blog, the blogs I read and where I want to go with blogging.

My questions to you are:

  • Why do you blog?
  • What is your stance on how much to "put out there" or write about your children? 
  • Do you use their names?
  • What do you think about having a "brand?"
  • Have you began marketing your blog and brand?  


  1. I blog to teach people about the benefits of massage therapy. I try to answer the common questions that I get on a regular basis in my practice. As far as blogging about children, I have mixed feelings. I would recommend following your instincts. Some blogs I read are completely anonymous, some are completely open and some use nicknames or just first names, etc. I enjoy your blog. It looks like a good way to chronicle your children's lives in a way that's a little more fun than a photo album.

  2. I blog because I have always loved writing. My degree is in journalism, and I left print media to join a completely unrelated field. I miss it SO much, but very few newspapers/magazines are hiring right now. This at least keeps me practicing!
    I share my son's first name, but nothing else. To my knowledge I haven't shared my husband's name. Hmm...probably need to review my blog. Haha.
    I think establishing a brand is a good thing, even if you aren't necessarily selling a product--you are selling you, an idea and your family. As long as it's representative of who you are, I think it's okay.
    Does annoying people with tweets about my blog count as marketing? Then yes, yes I have marketed. :)

  3. I blog because I enjoy it.

    I share a lot about my family but I don't share their names except with my very close blogging friends that I text and talk on the phone with.

    I do believe you should have a brand for your blog. It's what makes your blog unique.

    One thing you can do is contact Eli Rose (info@elirose.com) to get a blog assessment and strategy done if you are not sure how to move forward with blogging. Great information.

  4. Thank you ladies for the feedback! I really appreciate it!


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