Friday, August 19, 2011

{The first week of School}

It has been a busy, but good week.  Well, except the part where Tim was sick all week.  That wasn't good.  But, I think he is on the upswing.

I am just so glad it is Friday!  I get to sleep in tomorrow!!!! Hooray!!!!

C girl has done so well with school this week.  She is tired, but she is just so darn excited to go everyday.  I am so happy that she is thriving.  It makes it a lot easier on me.  Knowing she is happy, makes me happy.

It is hard to let my firstborn go, but I know that is place we are at now in life.  She has to begin learning to do things on her own, to not have mommy with her every step of the way.  {Insert ugly cry here.}

Ok, I'm better now.

I have felt busier this week than I have in a long time.  Part of that is from multiple appointments we had this week. I had a dentist appointment in Paris and B boy had a visit with the pediatrician.  He has been having breathing through his nose trouble and trouble with waking up multiple times a night. For right now, we are going to try a couple of allergy medications and go from there.  He has slept through the night, in his own bed, the past two nights!  I'm very excited about that!  My teeth are almost there! I can't get too optimistic though!

I also watched this little one on Tuesday:
They had a lot of fun playing.  She is the little girl of my good friend, Amber.

Also, I want to say how much I love my brother Keith.  While he was here last week he fixed our van (remember this?!) and our riding lawn mower.  Love you Keithy!

Here's a Friday Photo Dump:

C girl's birthday cookie
lonesome brother
Friday of the first week!

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