Friday, January 7, 2011

Waxing Nostalgic Part III

So, I met C right before my senior year of high school.  It was all that a high school love should be.  And we went to different schools, so we still had our space.  I was working two jobs, at a local restaurant and a local flower shop.  I couldn't wait till work was over so I could hang out with him.  I was also filling out scholarship forms and studying to keep up my high grades.  My senior year was the best year of high school.  It was so fun and I was in love.  As most kids that age are, I was chomping at the bit to grow up and excited that I would be attending college the next fall.  C and I and one of my friends from high school made plans to attend Arkansas Tech University in the fall.  I would be living with my friend and C would be living in the dorm right next to us!  I was so excited!  How can life get much better than continuing your education and life with your high school sweetheart? 

Proms came and went and graduation loomed on the horizon.  I had received a Dean's scholarship to Arkansas Tech which meant that my tuition and room and board would be paid for!  This was due to my grades and scoring a 26 on the ACT!  I also received the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship which was awesome and would pay for everything else at college.  Once graduation was over and all of our college paperwork was settled, it was time to enjoy the summer and look for jobs in the big city of Russellville.  I began working for Ryan's steakhouse and buffet in July.  I felt so grown up driving from my house in Subiaco to Russellville to work at my new grown up job!  I met some great people and made some great friends.  Once again, a life changing experience for me.  One girl I met that worked at Ryan's is a friend that I now consider to be one of two of the closest of my friends.  And a Christian friend at that.  Thanks Kelly!  It has been 11 wonderful years of being able to call you my friend!

Of course, things aren't aren't rosy forever.  A situation towards the end of the summer happened that ended up with me causing tremendous hurt to C.  It didn't end the relationship then, but it definitely caused a rift.  As school would start in the fall, the rift continued to grow.

to be continued...

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