Thursday, January 6, 2011

Waxing Nostalgic Part II

So, we started attending Paris 1st Assembly of God church.  By this time, I was in 9th grade.  I was no longer seeing the boyfriend.  Not only was I not allowed to see him, I was finally waking up and realizing that it was not good for me.  These were tough years for me, but I am really thankful for the decisions my mom made to get me out of bad situations.  I quickly made a friend at my new church, Quinn White.  I was going to school at Scranton High School and she and the other girls at church went to Paris High School.  Over the course of the summer after 9th grade, she convinced me to switch schools and come to Paris.  Once again, another decision that was made that would change the course of my life. 

The move to Paris brought new friends.  One of these friends is still one of my closest friends today.  The new church was great for me too.  I began singing in the church choir.  Things were definitely looking up.  About the time I was in 8th grade, I became more outgoing.  The new school and church did nothing but help this new aspect in me.  It felt like a whole new life.  I was having fun with my new friends and enjoying being part of the youth group at church.  School was going very well too.  I liked my classes and teachers and my self confidence was soaring.  My second real boyfriend came in 11th grade.  I'm not much for bragging about this boyfriend either.  He was a cowboy type and not the most popular guy.  It started out good, but in the end he didn't treat me very well, so it ended.  There were numerous other boys I liked and a few that I "went out with."  But, the summer before my senior year, I met my first "love."

to be continued...

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