Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sweet Month of May

"Who first beholds the light of day In Spring's sweet flowery month of May And wears an Emerald all her life, Shall be a loved and happy wife."

Well, there's a reason our daughter's middle name is May.  May is a very special month for our family.  Mine and my husband's birthdays are this month, as well as our anniversary.  May is the month of Mother's Day and graduations.  My sister in law's and half sister's birthdays are in May.  My brother's wedding anniversary is also in May.  My Mother in law's middle name is Mae.
It is a very happy and very busy month for us!  This May is especially joyous, our niece, Megan, is graduating from high school and my brother and his wife are returning soon from Afghanistan.  This year also marks lucky year number 7 for my husband and I.  We were married 7 years ago on a beach in Saint Lucia. 
Happy 7th Anniversary My love.....

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