Monday, November 2, 2009

Two Little Punkins!

Saturday was a beautiful fall day! We took the kids on a beautiful drive to a pumpkin patch. This was also my first time to one. They had a wonderful time. We went through a little trail for them and picked out a couple of pumpkins. After this, we went to my brother's house and trick or treated and Jessica gave them candy and they got to wrestle with Uncle Keithy. Then we stopped by grandma and pop pop's for some more candy. We took a short break, and then went and trick or treated around the square downtown and then went to our church's fall festival. After all of this, we went home to watch the Razorbacks and hand out candy. The kids had a great day! I love the happy family memories that we are creating! I hope they look back on their childhoods fondly and remember all the fun and traditions. We have been soo blessed!

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