Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My rant for the week....

I am one of those people who was sucked in to "Jon and Kate plus Eight." It was one of my favorite shows. However, I was not taken by surprise when they announced their separation and divorce. During all of the shows I could tell that they weren't exactly "lovey dovey." What has taken me by surprise is what has happened since these announcements. In my mind, I would have thought that Kate would have made this whole deal uglier. I guess just because of her personality. But she seems to have toned down a LOT. Jon, on the other hand, has changed completely in my eyes. Not that there is anything wrong with that. What is bothering me is what he is telling the press. He was just aired in an interview with Good Morning America saying that he despises his estranged wife Kate. For someone that is "all about the kids," this is a strange comment. Doesn't he know that his kids will see these comments one day? Why go out there and say this stuff to the press? How hard is it to keep your mouth closed about certain things? Then, he goes on to say that he believes that she stole his wedding ring. So, why do we need to know this bit of information?
I am just saddened by the whole thing. I pray that they will find some kind of balance and that the anger and animosity can be dealt with and some love and kindness can be shown by all. Isn't that was is best for the kids? I really just wish that they would try to take care of their business privately from now on. To me it is really getting old.

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