Sunday, March 22, 2015

a good week

It has been a good week! My first in a looooong time!
I finally was able to return to Tuesday morning Bible study. My friend, Samantha shared her testimony with us. It was so great! She is such a great speaker!
Afterwards, I went to lunch with her, Laurie, and Ginger.
 I usually make a St. Patrick's day breakfast of green pancakes, or toast with green sugar. I totally did not get up and do that this year, so I picked up some cupcakes before the kids got out of school. I sprinkled green sugar on them, and voila! St. Patrick's day treat!
 This week began March Madness! We have a tradition of filling out brackets as a family and competing against each other. Whoever wins gets to pick a fun activity to do!
 I keep our brackets from previous years filed away! HA!
My not-doing-so-well bracket
C Girl's class is doing a project where they are writing about what they want to be when they grow up and they dressed up and took photos to add to the scrapbook they are creating.
My girl informed me that she wanted to be a zookeeper. What??!! I had two days to find stuff for a zookeeper uniform. Yay for Goodwill and a $2.50 khaki shirt!
After school on Friday, we celebrated Spring break by stopping at Sonic for slushes!
We dropped B Boy off with Tim so they could head to baseball practice and C Girl and I hit the stores! We had a really fun time shopping together!
How silly is this girl?!
 Keith, Jessica and Parker came to stay with us this weekend! 
B Boy had baseball practice yesterday and Jessica, C Girl and I did more shopping! We had a really fun time!
We hung out and watched the Hogs play in the 2nd round of the tournament last night. 
We played North Carolina and the game was c.r.a.z.y.! It was fast paced and fun, but ultimately we lost :-(
We had a relaxing morning today and then got ready to go have a picnic and hike.
I was so disappointed that it was not sunny earlier, but we still had a great time!!!
 Uncle Keithy was king of the mountain!!!
 My sweet guys!
 starting our hike

It was fun to get my big camera out for the day.
It was wonderful to see things budding!
 Love these people!
 Love my people!
We saw a little three toed woodpecker
I imagine this is what C Girl and B Boy will look like one day. This brother of mine is almost 3 years younger than me!
I'm so lucky to have a sister and best friend all in one. 
She knows me better than anyone besides Tim. I love her so and was so glad to be with her again this weekend!

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