Friday, February 6, 2015

this week

So, it's been a week since I've sat down to write. I've been having some really rough days of pain lately. I was supposed to get my Humira yesterday, but it was delayed until today and the nurse will be coming to show me how to inject it tomorrow afternoon. We also got upsetting news yesterday that it is going to cost us incredibly more than we thought. It all has to do with the fact that we have a high deductible insurance plan. That plan has worked out well for us until now. Humira is what they call a "specialty" drug and it is SUPER expensive. Please pray that it gives me the relief I need. I don't care what I have to pay for that!


Last Friday, I had lunch with some friends at Table Mesa. The food was yummy and it was great to sit and talk and laugh with friends!
On Saturday, I ran a few errands with C Girl. She got a few things to decorate her Valentine's box and she was really excited about that!
B Boy had a birthday thing to attend at Arkadia Retrocade in Fayetteville. Tim took him and they had a lot of fun playing all of the retro games!
I read this book in 2 days! It is so funny! I'm going to read her newest book very soon!
I'm on a reading kick - I've already read 7 books this year!
On Sunday, C Girl had a fancy tea party/birthday party to attend for one of her friends from church. The party was at her friend's grandma's house. It was an amazing home! She had a really fun time!
Sunday was also the Super Bowl. We usually just stay home and make chili and snacks. We made chili and guacamole this time. The game was great and the commercials were......interesting. I loved the halftime show - probably because it is music I have listened to from high school until present. I listen to mainly Christian and county music now, but I still hear all of the current popular songs.
Monday morning, I had breakfast with my friend Marci. She is such a sweet, genuine person. She has been such an encouragement to me since I received my diagnosis.

Speaking of encouragement, THANK YOU to those who have taken time to write comments or emails sharing your experiences and giving me encouragement.  I received a comment yesterday and it was super long, so that person took time out of their day to send that to me. That just means the world to me. 

C Girl was chosen to be Student of the week this week! She got to bring home this little guy named Rocket!
I love this picture of Tim and C. They have a sweet, sweet bond. They love to snuggle and to giggle. I had a great step-dad, but he was not touchy feel-y at all. I'm always in awe of the relationship that she will get to have with her daddy. I'm so, so thankful for Tim and how much he loves these kids of ours.
 C Girl had to tuck Rocket in for the night!
On Wednesday, Tim took C Girl to her appointment to get her spacer (I was feeling awful that day.)
Everything sank in once she had it in her mouth. She had romanticized this thing to be something completely different than the reality turned out to be. The first night was super hard and it took forever for her to go to sleep with it in. Last night was much easier. It has been hard for me to watch her realize how difficult things in life can be. They have had lovely childhoods and have not endured much pain or trouble. I'm glad for that, but it is a shock to their systems when things are tough now.
The night before last night, B Boy was up ALL night vomiting. It was terrible. Poor boy laid on the couch and watched TV and slept all day yesterday. He was feeling a lot better by last night. He had to miss his 2nd grade musical last night and he was so upset. He has worked so hard practicing the songs for it and was so excited to be a part of it. We were able to order the DVD of it so at least we will all still get to watch it!
B Boy was glad to be able to go back to school today. They are having Valentine's parties today since they are out for February intercession all of next week. I have a ton of errands to run this morning before I head to the school for their parties.

I am attending a women's conference tonight that was organized by our church. It's call the "Get Real" conference. We are going to have speakers, worship, and breakout sessions. It is tonight from 6-10 pm and tomorrow from 8 am until noon at the Double Tree Hotel in town. If any of my local friends want to attend - you still can come! It's $25 and you can register when you get there!


  1. I pray that the Humira makes an immediate positive difference for you, and that you don't suffer any side effects!

    I'm glad B is feeling better. It would have been horrible to miss his musical and Valentine's party.

  2. Hi, Lenette. I take Humira for my rheumatoid arthritis. It really makes a difference, so I hope it also works for you. Have you checked with your specialty pharmacy for co-pay help? My husband and I both work, but I only pay 5.00 when I order 2 shots. Just thought I would share. Blessings to you.


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