Thursday, January 29, 2015

A weekly recap

I'm a miserable failure at posting every day this month. I feel like a miserable failure at everything right now, actually. There is no way I could have fathomed what these last two weeks had in store for me. People seem to ask me everyday how I am feeling. Some days are ok and some are terrible. 

Night time has been the worst. I guess after I get the 2nd and 3rd doses of the steroid, the pain intensifies. It's been awful stomach pain. So awful that they prescribed me some pain meds. It's to the point now, that those aren't really helping. They've mainly just took the edge off. I decided last night to stop the steroid. My quality of life has been horrible. I feel worse than I did before starting them. 

Sometimes, I feel that if I told people how awful I feel, it might scare them. I have grown so used to it, but I know it's not normal. I just want to know what normal feels like again. 

My Bible and church are really helping me get through this. I'm reading the book of Job in my read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year. I just don't think it is a coincidence. I feel so afflicted, but I still know that God is good and faithful. 

I'm blogging on my Blogger app on my phone. I have no desire to go and get my laptop. There are other pictures on my camera from this week, but again, no desire to upload them right now. 
Praise Jesus for phone cameras. 

So the lowdown on the past week:
Friday evening was low key at home. 

Saturday, I took C Girl to a birthday party. Five of my church girlfriends were there and that was fun to catch up with them. I was introduced to the show Branson Famous by my friend Kacy. I watched it last night. So dramatic! And I don't even have words for it!

Sunday, we had church, a Sunday school class pizza fellowship, a care group leader meeting, and that night, our church hosted a concert by Charles Billingsley. It was wonderful!

I'm really enjoying by Tuesday morning Bible study on the book of Ephesians. I've learned a lot already!
Tuesday evening, we were double booked. We had a "meet the teacher" for C Girl's new teacher and the TREC showcase for B Boy. 

We were able to meet her teacher a little earlier than the scheduled time. She seems very sweet and had gracious things to say about C Girl. I think it's going to be a great rest of the year. 

I was so excited to go to B's showcase. He has been working so hard on his "Strike it rich" unit. They studied about money in every way possible- history (way back before money as well- bartering and trading), the way it's made, markings and their meanings, how to use it, federal districts and mints, and lots more. 

He made his OWN PowerPoint presentation- like literally created it. He's in 2nd grade people! I was impressed! He also had a checkbook he made and kept up with. He learned how to write checks, what debits and deposits are, and how to keep a register. They even created and printed their own money! 

I'm incredibly proud of both of these kiddos. They are so different, but they shine brightly in their own ways. We treated them to Braums after the showcase- they were thrilled. However, B Boy tried his first banana split and came to the realization that bananas and ice cream do not mix!

Yesterday, we had 70 degree weather. I did not feel well, but I forced myself to get them to the park. It's not often that you have weather like that in January. In fact, today it is back in the forties. 

I don't know what is about blogging that is good for my soul. It felt SO good to write all of that stuff out. 

Today, I don't have anything planned. I need to write out my menu and grocery list and do some laundry. I will feel accomplished if all of that gets done! I've still been trying to keep up with the organizing challenge. I've been able to do stuff early in the day before I start feeling crappy. I finished the kitchen and laundry room- for the most part. The kitchen never stays clean long! This week is the master bedroom. I did a little yesterday morning. 

That's a wrap for now :)

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  1. I know you probably are, but are you eating when you take the steroid? When I was on them, I always took them with a meal. They can make your stomach hurt horribly if you don't have much on it.


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