Sunday, February 15, 2015

February happenings

It's hard to believe that this is only the 2nd time I have blogged this month. I have just had zero motivation to do so. 
To be honest, I really didn't start feeling better until this past Friday. I'm still having issues here and there, but overall a lot better. I've also been nursing a horrendous cold sore. I only get them about twice a year, but when I do, they are AWFUL. It is finally starting to heal up.

On the 6th, the kids had their Valentine's parties at school. I had a lot of fun at both parties and the kids had a blast! 
That night, our church hosted a mom's conference called, Get Real. I cannot say enough how wonderful the conference was. I'm SO thankful for the women's ministry at my church. They are all just incredible. They had great vendors, wonderful snacks, fun freebies, awesome worship, and amazing speakers and sessions.
We came back on Saturday morning for more of all of that!
I was just so encouraged and so grateful to be able to live life with a LOT of incredible women!
these two images borrowed from my friend, Kelly :)
After the conference, I came home to eat lunch and wait for the nurse who was coming to show me how to do my Humira injections.
I had to give myself 4 shots the first time. They really were not bad or painful, except the 2nd one and I'm not sure what happened with it. It stung like the dickens and I almost passed out!
My next 2 shots are this coming Saturday and then I believe it will be one shot every 2 weeks from then on.
It was a beautiful afternoon, so we headed out to take the kids to a local park. It's located near our Krispy Kreme, so we usually treat the kids to donuts after a trip to that park- we love our KK's!
On Sunday, Tim stayed home from church with B Boy because he was still not 100%. I helped with 1st grade Sunday school with my friend, Amanda and it was really fun!
It was another gorgeous day, so we decided to take a walk on the Crystal Bridges trail.
We even ran into our friends, April and Ryan!
Monday began our February intercession. The kids were excited to be home from school all week.
First thing Monday morning, I had a BPTO meeting that the kids had to come sit with me at. They really did great! They went with Tim to his basketball duty in Siloam Springs and I got the whole evening to myself- it was heaven!
On Tuesday, we met friends at the park because it was a beautiful day! We finished off with a trip to the library. They adore going to the library and checking out books. I love watching them read the books that they check out! Usually, they check out books at school and we don't visit the public library much. However, I know that they really miss the public one, so I try to take them on days that they are out of school.
On Thursday, I had a dentist appointment and the kids had to tag along for that as well. I'm amazed how big and independent they are now. They sat out in the waiting room and kept occupied while I had my teeth cleaned.

Friday, I treated the kids to donuts for breakfast before we ran to get groceries. I wanted to get all of that out of the way before the busy-ness of payday/Valentine's/snow shopping started for the day.
 I'm so not a fan of putting groceries away!
 This girl is such a big helper! I always decorate for holidays and I have just not had energy to put any Valentine's decorations up, so she took it upon herself to do it for me! She did a great job!
Our church had a Parent's night out on Friday night. I was super excited about having a date with my love to celebrate Valentine's Day!
We had reservations at Table Mesa and when they seated us, it was a romantic table at the window. We loved the setting and enjoyed our meal immensely!
 We ran to Walmart to buy balloons for the kids for the next day and then we went home and watched a movie before picking the kiddos up!
He is my forever Valentine!
 We always give the kids a balloon on Vday and this year they requested a BIG balloon. 
We got the biggest 2 that we could find!
 I took B Boy to a birthday party on Saturday morning. He had lots of fun! Tim picked him up to take him to baseball tryouts. I can't believe soccer and baseball are about to start up already!
C Girl and I spent a big part of the afternoon organizing the playroom. I can't even describe how awful it was. We took a HUGE bag of trash out of there. Let's just say they like to do crafts and cut paper and all manner of things and NEVER CLEAN IT UP. We had it pretty clean and organized after a few hours though!

 It was a gorgeous afternoon, so Tim took down the Christmas lights (I know, we are that family) and we sat and watched the kiddos play and soaked in some vitamin D.
 Tim and the kids surprised me with roses and a massage. I'm a lucky, loved girl!
I'm glad that we had a beautiful day yesterday because we are currently under a 
WINTER STORM WARNING. The forecast varies to us getting anywhere from 2-8 inches.
Areas south of us are supposed to get a lot of ice and I'm really sad for that to be happening. I hope it does not cause major problems.
I'm not sure how it is where you live, but here in Arkansas when we have snow or ice, 
THIS is what happens----
I would love a snow day, but I don't want to be stuck inside for days on end!

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