Tuesday, February 17, 2015

snow days

Well, it did end up snowing here. We got about 2 good inches of snow. However, we also had freezing rain and sleet underneath that snow.
Due to that complication and really cold temperatures, our roads have been terrible and we are on our second snow day.

We have cleaned, watched Little House on the Prairie and Fixer Upper, the kids have played outside and sledded in our flood ditch, we have baked cookies, played Phase 10 and Tim even taught B Boy how to play solitaire. Tim was able to be home yesterday, but had to go in to work today. 

The kids can now put on all of their snow gear themselves and it is amazing! 

I organized our "office armoire" today and it looks so great!

The sun is shining now and I'm praying that the roads will be clear enough tomorrow for school to be back in session! We do have a chance of a little more winter weather tonight but hopefully it will not cause the roads to be worse.

It really has been a nice couple of days!
Aerial photo of our square by Jimmy Harmon

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