Saturday, February 28, 2015

a ROUGH week and more snow days

The Sparacino house has had it rough this week. 
I started getting sick last Friday and went to the ER super early Monday morning with incredible ear pain. I can't even describe how bad the pain felt. I got antibiotics and pain meds and nothing improved. 
I have had constant pain and drainage from that ear. I saw my PCP on Tuesday and he referred me to an ENT. The ENT examined me and ordered a CT scan (!!!) to make sure I did not have mastoiditis or other worse infection. I have a ruptured eardrum and very bad infection. I have new antibiotics and better pain meds. 
Tim got a terrible stomach bug Wednesday night and has missed so much work this week. He's been sick but taking such good care of me. I married up and I thank God for him continuously. He loves me selflessly. We have some good kiddos that have been troopers at all of these dr/hospital visits.
I was really worried about the infection because Humira can cause you to get infections easier and make it harder to get better after getting one. I was literally pretty close to having to be admitted to the hospital and be on antibiotics intravenously. 
I have not eaten much at all in a week and I'm still having lots of pain and drainage from that ear. I do think that I am getting a tiny bit better everyday.
The first few days, I did not get out of bed at all except to go to a doctor appointment.
The last few days I have been able to camp out on the couch. However, I have not felt like reading or blogging or anything. Today, I seem to be doing a bit better.

Yesterday, we got some unexpected snow. Tim left work early but he still had trouble getting home. He had to run and get us some groceries and a normal 6 minute trip home took 35 minutes. The roads got bad very quickly! Thankfully, it was a teacher work day, so all kids were home.
It has been snowing the entire day here. We probably have around 4 inches of snow. The kids went outside and played in it earlier. I snapped a few pictures from the back door. Those pictures are below, along with a few from the last week and a half.
A beautiful cardinal visiting our bird feeders during the snow we had a week and a half ago. I believe this was from February 18th.
I cleaned and organized by "office."
My sweet kitty bear has been keeping me company.
A beautiful sunset on my way to a baby shower.
A baby shower for our friend, Jen who is having a baby girl very soon!
Beautiful cookies made for the shower by my friend, Robin!
I have been a pitiful sight!
 Having fun playing in the falling snow!
 Tim enjoying playing some Solitaire
 I love how much fun they have together and what sweet childhood memories they will have!

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