Monday, August 18, 2014

a little catching up from the last week

We took the kids to the local drive in movie on Friday evening a week ago! I am a little behind. It was the first time for me as well.
Saturday evening, we went to a faculty party for Tim's school.
Last week, I shopped for birthday party good, started Tuesday folders, went to a PTO meeting, made food, had lunch with Tim and the kids at their school on B Boy's birthday, took birthday pictures of the kids, and had my last trip in the school carline for a while!

This past Friday, the kids were out of school, so we hung out at home and then I took them to CFA for ice cream and playtime. Saturday was their birthday party and I will share more on that another day!
Yesterday, we spent the afternoon after church, going through the kids' rooms and finding things to throw away and donate. It was a very productive afternoon!
Today, I'm catching up from the weekend, cleaning the house and running a few errands.

And I have a question. I have read a couple of blog posts lately where people have expressed not writing about their kids as much now that they are getting bigger. One even mentioned not invading their privacy as much. What do y'all think about that? At what point in sharing about them is invading privacy? I've always wanted to document things here to look back and remember our life. I don't feel like I'm invading their privacy, but is anything I put here doing that? I'd love to hear thoughts on this topic.

 Happy 8th birthday B Boy!
I started taking pictures of them every year around their birthdays :-)


  1. I think when it comes to blogging, you have to do what makes you comfortable. I'm also weighing how much of L's life I want to share. I'm not posting about potty training. I think an older version of L is probably thanking me for that, somewhere in the future. She's not old enough to tell me what she's comfortable with, but C & B are old enough to let you know if they don't want you to post things about them. I think it's all a comfort level thing, you know?

  2. Beautiful pictures! As for the sharing about my kids - it's a fine line. The original purpose of my blog was to have a way to document my kids' lives without the traditional baby book. When I'm deciding what to share vs what to keep to myself, I try to put myself in my kids' shoes. What if my mom had a blog when I was young? What would I wish she hadn't told the whole world?

    I also try to remember that by the time my kids are in college/real world, their employers and everyone will be researching them online. I never want to post something that would embarrass them, or cause them to lose out on a job opportunity or something.

    Of course my kids are still young, but I have never read anything on your blog that I thought shouldn't have been there. I think we all just use common sense we will be okay.


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