Friday, August 22, 2014

birthday party 2014

I have so not been in the mood to blog this week. I'm not really sure why. Every time I would think about sitting down to the computer, it just did not sound appealing. I guess it was just a very low priority this week.

I have wanted to share about the kiddos' birthday party though because it is one of my favorite days of the year.
I usually ask the kids in the spring what they think they will want for a birthday theme. Every year, they have had something in mind right away. This year, however, I pretty much helped B Boy pick his theme and C Girl only had one request- strawberry cupcakes.

Well, oooooook.

I guess it is kind of sad that she is getting past all of the "theme" type birthdays.
But, I really loved the strawberry theme that I created for her. It makes me so happy planning their party every year. I remember how stressed out I used to get, but now that I have many years under my belt, I know what to expect and that I would rather enjoy it than be stressed!

I also read this blog post this week and it about did me in.  I feel like being a mom is my job and I do really enjoy all of the mundane parts of this job. Don't get me wrong, I get tired and frustrated ALL the time, BUT I still would not trade it for anything and I know I will miss these days of messy rooms and making lunches and kids fighting and just doing things as a family.

Well, enough with that sappiness! 
On to the party!
 C Girl's much wanted strawberry cupcakes. This was my first time using DIY cupcake toppers (I purchased the toppers and had them customized. I think I could probably create my own next time) and I learned a lot through the process. These could have looked better without the outline of the toothpick, but you live and learn. I thought they were adorable.
I tried to keep everything really simple this year, but I still loved the way it turned out! I bought the cute Happy Birthday strawberry banner on Etsy, the red fabric with tiny white dots at Walmart, and I made the little sign.
 B Boy's sign had his friends, favorite things to do, and favorite parts of school on it plus one of his favorite things right now- Pokemon.
 I purchased these toppers as well, bought the cupcake wrappers at Walmart, used boxed mixes for both sets of cupcakes, and made my famous icing :0)
The CFA nugget tray was a big hit at the party!
 Always my babies
This was a surprise for the kids! They didn't know about it until the people came to set it up. They were thrilled! I might have jumped and went down the slide.... Actually I have an inflatable burn as proof :-(
 C Girl and Aunt Jessica!
He loves his Frankie!
 One of B Boy's friends from church and school!
 Oh, my brother. He's a silly one! And I so missed having my other brother here this year.
 This turkey...
We love our family and the way we always come together for special occasions. 
It means so much to me that my kids will have great memories of their birthdays with so many family and friends that come every year.
C Girl and Aunt Veronica!
 A lot of the ladies at the party! I'm lucky to call them family and friends!
 And, oh, the presents. My kids could.not.wait until present time. They just get so much stuff and sometimes I think it's too much! I know that it is their special day and really, besides Christmas, this is the only time that they really get new toys, but goodness!
They were thrilled with everything they got! Give one of my kids a giftcard, and they are in heaven.
 I think she was happy about her gifts :-)
 Happy 8th birthday, B Boy!
Happy 9th, sweet girl!
All of the kids at the party, minus four
 Boys obsessed with Legos.
These two sweet, spirited boys!
This girl means the world to me!

Once again, it was a great party with many wonderful memories!


  1. Looks like a fun day. I love the strawberry idea.


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