Wednesday, July 2, 2014

a summer update

Who said it was okay for it to already be July?! I just cannot believe how fast this year is moving.

I still have a few days of our vacation to blog about, but I wanted to just blog today without any criteria. 
We really enjoyed and really needed those 9 vacation days. Being with my family and seeing new places is one of my ultimate happy things. 
Did we have some bumps in the road? OH YES. We missed turns, we had whiny children, a family member or two had sick stomachs a day or two, we bribed children at times and the food was definitely not always 5 star or 4 star or 3 star! BUT, we made some awesome family memories and had lots of fun!

We left the day after the kids got out of school for summer, so the last few days of being home have really been our start of enjoying carefree summer.
I LOVE sleeping in and not making lunches. Well, actually, I don't mind making lunches. I hate washing the little containers after school!

The kids are taking semi-private swimming lessons every Monday and Wednesday evening this month. They had their first lesson on Monday night and it went so well!
They have had swimming lessons every summer, but it has always been in a big group setting and they just have not learned very much.
C Girl is terrified of water and especially, putting her head under water. I was so proud of her that she went under during her 1st lesson!
That girl tests my patience in every way, but she knows what she likes and wants, and someday that is going to be a big benefit to her as a young woman.

After we got home late Sunday afternoon, I saw that a local church was having their big fireworks display that night. We went and it was so beautiful! I love the 4th of July holiday.
Tim put up the kids' pool on Monday while I ran a ton of errands. They are so excited to have it up. They have already been in it a ton of times!
We met our friends, April & Ryan and a friend of theirs at the splash park yesterday. It was so nice getting to see them- it had been awhile! The kids had a blast and us moms got scorched by the sun!
I have been trying to clean up around the house. I did clean before we left and it is clean for the most part except the floors. Of course, now that we are home, there are dishes everywhere! Oh, and I need to do laundry! No rest for mamas!

We are visiting my sister for a couple of days over the 4th. We are all so excited!

My brothers have been out of state for military training. One came home last week and the other will be gone until November :-( But, he does get to come home for the 4th. Of course, we will miss him since we will be out of state.

The kiddos' birthday party is in a month and a half and I have done almost nothing about it. That is SO unlike me. I really, really need to get busy! I totally think I'm in denial that I am about to have 8 and 9 year olds. 

I think that is all I have for now! Enjoy the 4th, friends!

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