Sunday, May 25, 2014

Weekly catch-up time!

My blog has become a time capsule of my life. I love the feeling I have after I post and know that those memories are somewhere that I can look back on them. It kind of clears my head out! Weird, I know, but I'm also the person who sent her husband out with the kids to the splash park for a couple of hours today so I could clean the house! They had a fantastic time and even splashed while it rained for a bit and I now have a clean house!

Earlier this week, I had lunch at Cracker Barrel with my friends April, Jen, and Jen's daugher, Lyla. We had a great time! 

Wednesday evening while I took B Boy to baseball practice, Tim and C Girl worked on our lawn mower. We bought it last year and were disappointed when it didn't start this year. They replaced the gas and cleaned the carburetor and it was good to go!

I visited the local school that I read with kiddos at on Thursday morning for the final time this school year. It's amazing to see how far they have grown with their reading!

On Thursday evening, we attended our school district's annual Technology Showcase. Every year, teachers can apply for a 21st century technology grant that the district awards to about 25 teachers each year. The teacher is awarded a classroom set of iPads for grades K-2 and a classroom set of laptops for 3-12. B Boy was in a 21C classroom during his kindergarten year. It was really neat checking out what projects that teachers and students are doing with awesome technology. There were two 3-D printers there and it was the first time I had seen one up close. If you do not know much about 3-D printing, you should check it out. They were actually printing objects during the showcase.
 3-D Printer
Another 3-D printer
 an object printed by a 3-D printer
The kids testing out a Lego car that is controlled by code that students input.

We were out of school Friday! We had a relaxing morning and then met up with some friends at a strawberry patch to pick strawberries!
We visited last year as well.
We picked 4 quarts and are very much enjoying eating them!
 We played Dominoes with the kids on Friday night. It's so fun now that they can play lots of games. We are past the Candyland/Chutes and ladders phase! This is one milestone that I am not sad about!
 After our lunch at Cracker Barrel where my friend April ordered pancakes, crispy pancakes were all I could think about. I made them on Friday and Saturday mornings! So good!
We saw Batman at the farmer's market on Saturday morning! B Boy loved this!
We also visited some local antique/junk stores. That is one of my favorite pastimes!
 We had a little Mexican fiesta Saturday night- I made enchiladas and homemade guacamole. Yum!
 We played Phase 10 after dinner outside on the patio!
We went to Sunday morning service for the first time in May this morning. That sounds so bad, but we have had things going on and just haven't made it on Sunday mornings. 

They showed a video during service about remembering what Memorial Day is about. Firstly, I cannot watch anything remotely patriotic without getting emotional. 
Secondly, I feel like it is my personal job to help everyone remember what Memorial Day means. It bothers me when people go on and on thanking people currently serving (nothing is wrong with this), but don't really mention those who have died in service. Those soldiers are why Memorial Day or Remembrance Day was enacted.
This is a great little article about Memorial Day.

So many men and women have sacrificed their lives for our great nation. 
Tomorrow, just for a minute, stop and remember those who have died in the line of service.
Our Memorial Day plans changed today. We are now going to go to my parents house.
We had planned to spend the day here and just hang out, but my brother Kevin is leaving next weekend to train for his new military job and he won't be back until November. 
He is a geo-spacial imagery analyst. The 188th fighter wing, where he works, is transitioning for A-10's to drones. 

So, we grilled burgers tonight and they were good :-) I just love the start of summer!

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