Tuesday, May 20, 2014

funny conversations

the kids had some funny conversations today that I want to remember.

Me: I saw that you are reading a book about the Beatles.
C: Yep!
B: Oh! They are awesome!!! I like that band. I don't really know their songs though. But if you were talking about "bug beetles," those are awesome too! Just not Chinese beetles- they eat your grass.

C: Some boys in 2nd grade love me.
Me: Which boys?
C: gives a few boys' names.
Me: How do you know that they love you?
C: hem haws around for a minute and says that she doesn't want to tell me.
Me: Oh, just tell me!
C: well, because they are really sweet to me!
Oh goodness.

C: I'm good at spelling and I'm phemomenal (yes, I spelled it like she said it!)!
Me: Who told you that you are phenomenal?
C: Oh, no one. I just am.
Oh, to have that much confidence...

The kids had dental cleanings today. As I was sitting there, I was just amazed that I have two kiddos that just go back and have their teeth cleaned and I sit in the waiting room.
They are just growing up so much and it makes me sad!

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