Monday, May 19, 2014

Fun times with family and other things

Life has been B.U.S.Y. lately.
I'm not a big fan of complete business, but this week has been full of family time so that makes it all worth it!

Last Tuesday, our women's ministry had our spring brunch. We had WONDERFUL breakfast food, got to visit with friends, and we heard from a lady from another local church who is very knowledgeable about home organization.
Thursday morning, I attended the volunteer breakfast at the school that my kiddos attended previously. I still occasionally volunteer there. It is a wonderful school and they have implemented the Leader in Me model. This is their second year of using it, and it has been incredible the change that it has made with students and the school overall.
They focus on the 7 habits of highly effective people.
On Friday, we traveled south to do decoration for my family and to attend the graduation of our great niece, Madison.
We don't get very many opportunities to go to Belleville (where my Cates family lived for many years) and Ola (where Tim grew up.)
My biological father,  granny and grandpa, aunt and other cousins are all buried in the same cemetery there.
We also went to the cemetery where Tim's dad is buried.
It's not something that I want to do often, but it was good to go back and visit and remember our sweet loved ones that have gone on. The kids were very interested in this whole process and especially seeing where Tim's dad's grave was.
We drove around Ola and Tim told us some stories from his childhood. The kids are at an age where they soak all of this kind of stuff up. Ola is a very tiny town and a lot of it is sadly run down now.
Tim spent lots and lots of time at this lake.
The school where Tim went to high school, where he coached football, and where he eventually became principal.

Afterwards, we headed to see Madison graduate.
Madison is a beautiful, smart girl and we know that she will do great things!
Tim loved catching up with one of his former football players, who now is the head football coach in the Two Rivers school district.

It was a long day because we drove home Friday night.
B Boy had a baseball game early Saturday morning, and then we came home to get ready for company. Keith, Jessica and Parker came to visit!
We took C Girl with us on our shopping excursion this time. It's safe to say that this girl is going to fit right into our shenanigan's! We had some hilarious times!!!
Oh, I love these moments! I love that my kiddos have awesome cousins to grow up with and so much family that loves them!
Uncle Keithy gets attacked by children every time!!!

After they left to head home, we headed to Crystal Bridges. They were having a Chalk Fest and chalk artists were working on this cool chalk illusion.
The kids got to create their own chalk art!
Craig Thomas was the chalk artist.
There were lots of awesome chalk drawings all over Walker Landing.
We went inside to the children's art area for a little while.
This morning, we had another appointment for B Boy with the ENT. We are not removing his tonsils as of this time. We are going to go down some other avenues and see if we can find some nose improvement. We are tired of nasty boogers!
I had a hair appointment today!!! I love those days. I also wore a shirt I bought this weekend that I LOVE!
I went to a PTO meeting at school today. I'm involved in PTO, but it was only the 2nd meeting that I have attended this year. I'm hoping to get more involved next year. It was a nice break this year with only BPTO though! Last year wore me out!

B Boy had a baseball game tonight. They played a great game, but we did not win. It's only our second loss, so that's pretty good! B Boy was part of a great play tonight and the coach gave him the team ball after the game! He was super excited! So proud of him!

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