Monday, December 9, 2013

Snowmageddon, Day 5

We are on Snowmageddon day 5 over here at our house.  School was cancelled again today due to the ice on the roads and there is a possibility of a couple of inches of snow tonight.

I really would have thought that I would be going crazy by now, but amazingly, I'm not.  
It's golden to get the chance to slow down, not have things to do or places to go, and to spend lots of time with my kiddos who would typically be in school. 

We have enjoyed yummy breakfasts (sausage gravy and biscuits, french toast, and chocolate gravy and bisuits), we watched college football championships all day on Saturday, we have watched Christmas movies, and we started and finished a 500 piece Christmas puzzle. 
I have read books, ordered Christmas presents, addressed all of our Christmas cards, and worked more on organizing our recipes.

Our church cancelled services yesterday and I literally have not left our house since Wednesday night with the exception of us driving around the block yesterday. 
The streets were awful and I just wanted to be back in my safe home!

I saved a craft for today and some Christmas coloring books.  We also plan to drive a short distance today to a hill to go sledding.  I will be getting in on the action too!  

It is so cold here, though.  We haven't been above freezing the entire time. I think we may finally get above freezing tomorrow and hopefully most of this mess will melt!  

I'm so very thankful that we never lost power. My brother did for a few hours and my parents were without for almost 24 hours.  Our fireplace is out, so we would have had to go somewhere somehow!

Since Tim did have to go into work today, I am starting to feel the itch of my to-do list.  I have gifts to buy and wrap and we are hosting Christmas with his family so I have to get that all together!  I know it will all get done, so for now, I will try and enjoy yet another snow day at home.
The view out of our front door this morning.

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