Sunday, December 21, 2014

the weekend recap, holiday version

I hope you have had a great weekend!
Thank you so much to everyone who has sent words of encouragement to me about my diagnosis. That really means a lot to me.

On Friday, we had a little going away for C Girl's teacher. It's so sad that she is having to retire. I know this has been super hard for her. 
We also met her new teacher. She seems very sweet!
 The Friday night of the beginning of Christmas break is always a celebration in our family. We always celebrate it in some way. We went to Olive Garden for dinner and then home to watch Elf!
 Saturday, we got up bright and early to get ready for a busy day. We still had some Christmas shopping left to do, so we split up to get it all accomplished. C Girl and I had a good time together! We had to get groceries as well and I was so tired by the time we got home!
 We had this yumminess for lunch! (and I paid for it later.)
 cutie patootie!
 We got home and had taco soup and then watched Home Alone. I LOVE how much that movie cracks my kids up!!!
We wore our Christmasy clothes to church this morning. 
It has been such a joyous month at our church. God is moving and many people are being saved. Nothing is better than that!!!
C Girl and I spent part of the afternoon wrapping gifts that we bought yesterday. She loved signing tags and putting bows on the gifts!
 Tonight was our Lord's Supper Service. We sing Christmas carols and take communion. 
It is such a beautiful service and I love that we have this opportunity to put the focus on what Christmas is about. It has spurred many questions and conversations through the years.
 After the service, we drove around for a bit to look at Christmas lights. We saw some really neat displays! We are going to close out the night with the original animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It is one of Tim's favorite shows of the holiday season.

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