Friday, November 15, 2013

Friendships #30daysofThanksgiving

It's a dreary day here and I'm getting ready to head out of town for a funeral, but despite that, I'm still so thankful today.

Today, I'm most thankful for friends.  I've got some really good ones.  

Oftentimes, I get down about friendships because I'm the sort of person who wants everyone to like me. I've just had to learn that not every friendship is going to be the same and I won't be super close with everyone.  And that's okay!!!

I just love the companionship and encouragement of friendships.

Monday, I had lunch with a friend and it was so fun.  It's been so good for me as I get to know ladies from church better. 

Yesterday, I had lunch with some ladies that I became friends with last year at school.  I love their friendship and those times that we get to have adult conversation!

I get to spend every Thursday afternoon with a great friend of mine as we watch our daughters at gymnastics.

Last night, the ladies from our Sunday school class met at the home of a wonderful lady from our church.  She has been a wonderful mentor to us and gives us Godly wisdom.  I love times when we get together to fellowship and share about our lives.

I'm thankful for those close friends- the ones that know my soul.  They know who they are and I sure hope they know how much I love them!

I'm thankful that my husband is my friend.  I know he probably could do without some of my dialogue, but I'm thankful that he lets me talk about anything and everything with him!

I just feel so blessed with the friends in my life-  The ones that I talk to daily, the ones that I talk to less often but pick up where we left off, the new ones and the old ones.  
I am richly blessed.

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