Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dump and Run

It seems like I haven't been blogging much lately and when I do, I just dump a ton of pictures and run.

Well, I'm doing that again today. #sorry #notsorry.

First I want to let y'all know some exciting news for our family- we officially joined our church today.
This may not seem big to most people, but we are very excited.  We have went to this church for about 2 1/2 years and we love it so much.  
We have found the best Sunday school class and our children are being brought up in the Word of God by such wonderful teachers.
It's just the place we want to be and the place we want to raise our family in.

B Boy  is FINALLY feeling better. He was sick ALL week with bronchitis :(

We did have some fun here and there though.  We blew bubbles in the backyard, had tee ball practice, and enjoyed the gorgeous weather!

We went to Park Springs park and hiked today.  I love the trail and seeing the water that comes from underground into the creek.  

We also hung out at the square for a while and enjoyed the fabulous tulips.  The weather was perfection.
I hope you guys have a fabulous week!!!
dump and run:

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