Sunday, April 28, 2013

A field trip and a date night

It is a GORGEOUS sunny Sunday and I am about to head outside and enjoy it, but I wanted to do a post really quick!
I love watching them do homework. They always do it on Thursday afternoons since it is due on Fridays.

This past Friday, the kindergartners had a field trip to the fire station!
We were supposed to go to the park too, but it rained and was cold.
It rained last year when C Girl went and they missed out on the park part as well.
 BUT, they had a blast checking out the fire station!
They asked SO many questions.
B's teacher said that she has never had a class that asked the firemen so many questions!

There is a group of about 7 or so boys in B's class that are great little friends!  They always want to sit by each other and B talks about them non-stop when he comes home!
I'm so thankful for our firemen and all other service members for what they do.
 We got to watch them leave out on a call.
It was a great trip!
Last night, Tim and I got to go out!  
We were going to check out the Norman Rockwell exhibit at Crystal Bridges, but the line was insanely long.  
Instead, we hopped in a few stores and then went to dinner at Doe's Eat Place.  It was so, so yummy.  I ate almost the entire basket of drop biscuits all by myself.
We also got donuts at Krispy Kreme and watched a movie at home after the kids went to bed. 
It was the first funny movie we had watched in a while.  We have picked some deeper movies lately.  I was thankful for the laughs!

This week, I will be very busy getting ready for teacher appreciation week, May 6-10.
May is just SUCH a busy month.
And seriously, HOW is it almost May?!!!!
This year is going by waaaay too fast.

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