Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmases with family

This year, we celebrated Christmas with our families on December 30th.
We drove down to Aunt Karen's early that day so that the kids had time to play in all the snow she still had at her house!
We are country folk, lol. I thought this was cute.
C Girlie and Aunt Tammy
B Boy LOVES his Frankie
Tim and his sisters
After eating yummy food, opening presents, and visiting at Aunt Karen's, we drove over to my mom and dad's house for Christmas with my family.
I miss this girl so much! (I don't ever feel like we will be grown up enough to be women or ladies, we are still girls in my book!)
One of my baby loves! Sweet, precious Parker baby!
B Boy and my brother Keith having some "device" time.
B Boy and cousin J!
And there is my precious Noah baby! And my brother Kevin. ha!
Get him anything Star Wars and you will have a winner!
Noah kept coming and sneaking in bites of my dessert!
Something that is ALWAYS a tradition at Christmas at my mom's- the floor wrestling.  It used to be dad and the boys, then it was J and dad and the boys, then it was B Boy and C Girl, J, and dad and the boys, and now- it is just ALL the kids and the uncles (the boys). Dad does not participate now.  I think there are too many more people involved for him!


  1. I love that your Christmas celebrations are spread out, I would love to spread my Christmas over days of food, fun & family time.

    1. It was really nice to do it that way! I hope we continue with it!


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