Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Eagle watching and snow

Last year, we read in the local newspaper that you could eagle watch in our area.  Eagles roost in certain spots in northern Arkansas in December and January.
We went here last January to the Eagle Watch trail in Gentry.
We headed out again last week to try our luck again at seeing eagles.  This year I also had my  18-270 mm lens to try out.
The drought from this year and dried up a lot of the water in the area.  We did see an eagle, but he was over a football field away from us, so it was very difficult to get a good photo of him.
We stayed for a little while, but the kids were cold and getting restless, so we finally left. 
On the way out of Gentry, we decided to drive down a road that we though would lead to water and hopefully a sight of eagles.
On the way, I spotted an eagle sitting in a tree right beside the roadway.  
We were literally 30 feet away from him.
It was majestic. 
This definitely made the trip worth while. How many times in a lifetime do you come this close to a bald eagle not in captivity?!
Later that afternoon when we were back home, it started snowing!
It started snowing pretty hard so the kids went outside and played in it while it was falling.
They had a blast!
We got close to an inch and it was pretty much melted by the next day, but it was beautiful and fun while it lasted!
What a fun Christmas break treat!


  1. Wow! Those pictures and that view are amazing. I wish we had snow!

  2. I'm jealous of your eagle watching! And those photos are awesome!


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