Monday, January 21, 2013

Catching up...

on what's been going on around here...

We had a beautiful rainbow one day a couple of weeks ago. I had meant to share it, but never got around to it until now!
It's always thrilling and beautiful to witness a rainbow.
Both of the kiddos have a lamp beside their beds now.
They both like to stay up just a bit and read in bed.
I love it! Just like their momma!
 This weekend was a nice, 3-day weekend!
We cherish these weekends.
On Saturday, we moved Tim's stuff to his new office, peeked around our new house, and then we drove out to west Benton county to look for eagles again.
We didn't see many close up, but we saw about 10 during the entire time.
This picture was as close as my zoom could get to them that day.
 It was nice and relaxing driving out in the country.
 I grew up on dirt roads.  We sure are not used to driving on them now!  
 I love old barns.  I also feel like they are a dying breed.  One day in the future, there will not be beauties like this.  
 And this...
 It was gorgeous weather, so we stopped and let the kids play at the park.
In January!
They steal my heart when they hold each other's hands on their own accord.
I love the bond they have!
however, they sure can fight lately!


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