Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tee Ball 2012

I've been wanting to for awhile, but the other day, I finally used Windows Live Movie Maker!  I'm glad I finally sat down and took the time to do it!

It makes me want to start up my Techie Mommy blog again because there have been so many cool resources cross my path lately.  But, I know I wouldn't have time to keep up that blog again right now.

So, tee ball season is officially over.  We played a great game last night, but the other team won.  However, B Boy had SO much fun this season and he can't wait to play again next year!



  1. I love this video (and the blog in general)! Great job, Babe!

  2. Love the video! I need to take the time to sit and learn Windows Live MovieMaker so I can do awesome videos too.

    Also, I love little boys playing baseball. And that your husband comments on your blog :)


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