Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Fun 2012

It is SO hard to go through holiday photos and decide which ones to put on here.  
We love us some holidays in the Sparacino house.
We basically try to celebrate all of the holiday out of it that we can!
So, without further ado, here is Easter- Sparacino style.
{Baskets patiently waiting for kiddos to wake up and get their goodies!}
{Easter egg hunting in the backyard. LOADS of fun!}
and in PJ's to boot!
{Easter parties at preschool are SO much fun!}
I triple LOVE this picture!!! These kiddos were so excited to get going!
Mommy and her sweet bunny boy!
{Ready to go in church on Easter morning}
{Cousins! Minus 3 that couldn't be there due to sickness}
MOAR egg hunting!!!
and yes, B Boy is trying to eat candy during the picture! lol
Such fun at our family gathering- food, egg races, egg tosses and PINATAS!

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