Saturday, April 14, 2012

The FIRST tee ball game

Today was a very, very monumental day for B Boy-
His very first baseball game!
{Video of him batting at the very bottom of the post}
Mommy & Daddy are so very, very proud of you!
Warming up before the game
 Playing at third base, my #11-
B Boy up to bat!
{Obviously, 11 is a good number for us, it's our practice field number too!}
Running to second base!
Heading for home plate!
Hanging out in the outfield-
Throw them out B Boy!!!
And what does C girlie do during the game? 
Well, she does cheer brother on, as well as playing with stuff she brought.
But, she also does a little posing!
{Her Daddy & I think we are in trouble; she is just too pretty}
Yay! Post game high fives with the other team!
So, how do you celebrate having your first tee ball game?
Why, you have ice cream for lunch!!!
They are some mint chocolate chip lovers!

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  1. He looks adorable in his uniform! Summer at the ballpark is always fun.


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