Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1st stream of consciousness

  • I was driving down the road the other day and thinking that the days sometimes feel like sand running through my hands.  They just pass so quickly.  The routines of the week seem to morph one day into the next and then it's the weekend and then the weekend is over and a new week is starting again...  I'm striving to enjoy each moment, each day, and each season in life.
  • This girlie fell in love with a puppy at her cousin's birthday party on Saturday :-)

  • I also found out this weekend that my brother Keith's deployment to Afghanistan has been canceled! I'm so relieved and so happy for him and Jessica. My other brother, Kevin, is still scheduled to go over sometime later this year.
  • I've been doing really well on my goals that I had.  I organized most of my pictures the way that I wanted them, I've worked on recipes and I've been backing up my blog.  It's so nice to go through my old posts and read what I wrote.  There are so many things that I have forgotten and it's good to be able to go back and read what was going on in my life at different times. 
  • Tim has been gone this week since Monday morning and he will finally get back tomorrow evening.  It's been a little more hectic here without him.  Mornings and bedtimes just don't go as smoothly without Daddy.  Of course, the kiddos are really missing him too.  C girl cries for him every night before going to bed :-( She said, "I just can't do this without two parents" (breaks my heart!)
  • I have used almost a half of a tank of gas since Monday and it is only Wednesday night! I've had to do drop off and pick up for both kids to separate schools, ballet, Bible Study, school volunteering, grocery shopping, driving to the park and taking them to church.  I wonder how many miles I drive in a week? Maybe I should tally it up!
  • Ballet is going really well for C girl. She had her 3rd class on Monday.  Her teacher said that she is learning really fast! The important thing, though, is that she is having fun!
  • I met my friend, April and her daughter, Ryan at the park today.  It was like 65 degrees outside! Cray cray! The kids had a blast playing and eating chocolate chip cookies and drinking Kool Aid! I love getting to spend time with these sweet friends!
  • Before we went to the park, we had an accidental dropping of the iPad.  I was in panic mode! The screen turned greenish with apps still showing. It looked like a TV with severe interference. So, I got on the Google to look for help.  It seems that the problem is a cable inside that controls the graphics and it probably is loose.  Someone suggested "hitting" the iPad to kind of jiggle the cable.  I was scared, but I did it.  It didn't work at first, but then after a few minutes of doing that, the screen started looking normal again! I'm crossing my fingers!
  • C girl's school had a digital only learning day today.  They only used technology to learn in the classroom today.  The news came to her school to do a piece for the 5 and 6'o'clock programs and C girl was in the segment! She was so unbelievably excited!
  • Speaking of school, kindergarten registration is next week.  My heart is kind of constricting realizing that it will be my last time register a child for kindergarten. My B boy will be in school full time next year! :::TEAR:::
  • But, one more piece of exciting news- I ordered Tim and I tickets to go see the Zac Brown Band in Little Rock in March.  So, so excited!
  • Oh, one more piece of excitement-- I get to see my precious baby nephews this weekend!!! Yay!


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