Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tanyard Creek Nature Trail

This winter has been so mild.  Like insane compared with last year.  We already had a couple of HUGE snows by this time last year.  
At the end of December, we spent some free days enjoying the beautiful weather and hiking.

Arkansas has such natural beauty.  I absolutely love living here.  I especially love that we live in Northwest Arkansas.  
We have so many trails, parks and mountains right in our back yard.

On the 29th, we headed to Bella Vista to hike one of our favorite trails, the Tanyard Creek Nature Trail. 
This trail includes bridges, a waterfall, a dam and much more!
We actually haven't been able to discover all that it has to offer yet!
This was our 2nd time to hike and it was so great!
I can't wait until we know this trail like the back of our hand!
Here are some pictures of our lovely hike---


  1. It's for sure a beautiful place. My husband is originally from Mountain Home and I can see why he loves it do much.


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