Sunday, January 22, 2012

We have entered a whole new phase & {Ballet}

Every stage in the kids' lives has seemed normal and familiar to me thus far. 

I have been the caregiver, making decisions and taking care of physical, emotional and mental needs. 

With them being 1 year apart, the landscape of life has stayed very familiar.  

But now

Now we have entered a whole new ball game.  

The stubborn, strong-willed girl of mine has been changing.  She is now 6 and oh-so-much more sensitive than ever before. She is so impressionable now.  Her life is changing and she is dealing with all this change, all of this "growing up."

Now, not only am I meeting the needs that I previously was, but I'm working to build her character.  Now, I'm not saying that I haven't always been doing this, because I have.  However, it seems that at this stage in her life, it is really beginning to take on a permanent development.  

She is becoming independent and has the option to make some of her own decisions now(things having to do with school and activities and how she feels). 

She is learning and interacting with people on her own.  She has her own friends and it is a separate part of her life away from me.  

She is beginning the stage that will ultimately end with her one day leaving the nest.
She has chosen ballet lessons now.  She is so beautiful in her leotard and skirt.  It's so amazing looking forward to what this child is going to accomplish.


  1. Just shared this with your mom who is visiting. She was just telling us about her grandbaby taking ballet. She loves the picture and so do we. We are proud of our C girl finding her own way in this world.

    1. Thank you for sharing with Mom :-) And thanks for the love! Love you guys!


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