Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meeting Goals {even if they are contradictory!}

I know that I didn't formally announce any resolutions on my blog, but I did make some.  Two of them were- to slow down and to volunteer more. Contradictory, much?!  

I felt like 2011 flew by.  It was a year with much anticipation and I spent a lot of my time waiting for the next thing that was to happen. If you read this post, then you can see just how much happened in my life last year.

After all of that, I knew that I wanted to take some time to take it easy, slow down, and enjoy this season in my life.

There are some projects I would like to get caught up on- Organizing my pictures all the way, backing up my blog entirely, and finishing my recipe book.  These projects take time and I can't seem to find enough time to accomplish them!

My days, these days, are chopped up into 1 and 2 hour increments.  I take B boy to preschool, then pick him, make lunch, get him down for nap so I can accomplish a few things, then get him up so we can go pick up C girl, come home and have a snack before taking her to ballet and then come home to make dinner.  After dinner is AWANA study and reading and getting ready for the next day.  And that is just Monday!  Tuesdays are busy with Bible study and volunteering in C girl's class.  The rest of the week is similar to Monday!

I know next year, when they are both in school, things will flow better.

My other goal, to volunteer more, is coming along.  Slowing down and volunteering more seem very contradictory when they are used together!  I hope to find a good balance between the two!
 As I said, I have begun volunteering in C girl's class every Tuesday.  I also was asked to be a Care Group Leader for my Sunday School class.  Along with that, I also volunteer with the PTO.  I'm hoping to find more ways to give of my time to help others.  

I feel that things are opening in my life right now.  I've let go of some things that had been eating at me and I've begun to meet a lot of really awesome ladies through church, school and dance class.  

I have some blog posts that I need to catch up on.  We did some hiking at a couple of new places recently and I want to share those pictures.  I will be posting recipes here and there because I want to have a lot of our family favorites to share with you in the Recipe Tab at the top of the page.

I made these yesterday and that was really fun-
I'm hoping to make a Valentine's wreath using these felt flowers and maybe a headband or two for C girl.

Here's to meeting goals and finding balance doing it!

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