Monday, September 12, 2011

Get organized and get your sanity back!

We had a very low key weekend.  

It consisted of going to a couple of parks, eating some good food, watching the Razorback game and generally being lazy.

Sometimes, it's just nice to be lazy.

This week, I'm going to get in a rhythm with our new, busier schedule.  I've already dropped things at Goodwill, checked out some local stores I'd been wanting to see, went to a PTO meeting, dropped off and picked up B boy from preschool and am catching up on some computer work.  I have another meeting at 2 and then I have to pick up C girl.

I posted on Twitter last night that "I feel more organized now than I have in a loooong time."
A fellow Twitterer said "what's your secret?" and "Clutter=stress and boy am I stressed!"
I realized that clutter and disorganization had made me very stressed. 
I finally got fed up with it recently and took some time out to get some things done that would help keep me organized and sane.
Some tips I have are:

  • to just start.  Starting the project made me more apt to finish it.
  • just do one or two things a day, just to feel some accomplishment.
  • stop walking past things that "I would get to later." I went ahead and did stuff as I walked by.
  • declutter. I know it's hard to get rid of things, but I have felt so much lighter by just tossing stuff.  If you haven't used it/wore it in a year or two, there is a strong possibility that you never will!
  • make a place for stuff. If you have a set place for things, they won't be strewn out everywhere. We made a "launching pad" for school mornings where backpacks, lunchboxes, etc are kept. I also have shoe baskets and designated places where I keep papers and mail.

We had a lot of fun at the park this weekend!-------->

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  1. My cousin recommended a website, It has some tips and ideas on how to get order back in your life!


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