Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some Words on September 11th

I've never written much on September 11th before. 

 I was beginning my junior year in college.  I remember that I was getting ready for a Tuesday/Thursday 9am class.  I don't remember if I typically watched TV in the morning, but I was watching on that morning.  The East Coast is an hour ahead of us, so it was still pretty early here when it happened.  I remember going to that class that morning.  The professor either had a friend or family member that worked in Manhattan and she was very worried.  Mostly, that's all I remember of that day.  It really is a blur.  

I remember the days following: the news coverage, the president speaking, flags flying everywhere, learning about the attacks.... 

Life hasn't seemed the same since.  Terrorism is a common everyday word now.  Along with Al-Qaeda, jihad, security levels and war on terror.  War is common place now.  Unrest in the Middle East is a new normal, but very unsettling. 

I find it incredibly sad that my children have to grow up in such times.  One day I will talk to them about the day our world changed.  Right now, they are too young to understand.  However, I'm 30 years old and I still don't understand. 

This weekend I will remember and I will pray.  I will not only pray for the families and friends of those affected, but I will be praying that another attack will not happen.  

I found this website yesterday- 
 From the website:  Please join the 9/11 Tribute Movement by briefly describing what you will do this year, a good deed, charitable activity, or other plans, to honor the 9/11 victims, survivors and those that rose in service in response to the attacks.

I'm going to be watching the Razorback game tonight.  They are paying tribute by having a "red, white & blue-out" at the game.  This is what the Hog on midfield looks like:
God Bless America
Go Hogs!

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