Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cannonball Read- Book 41

This was definately an eye-opening book for me.  The book is written by Michael Jackson himself, and he talks about his life from about age 4 until it was published when he was 29.  It is amazing the life he had through those years.  The Jacksons stuff and a lot of his material was before my time or when I was a young child.  Since I grew up listening to country music, I was never really introduced to Michael Jackson until I was much older and he, sadly, was much weirder.  I guess he seemed weird.  Especially since I didn't know much of the early stuff. 

After reading this book, I wish that he could have written one from that time until his untimely death.  He was such an amazing artist.  The book has given me an urge to listen to all of his music.  He was also very shy and very private.  He talks about his love of children and his hope to unite all people of the world through music.  To me, I don't understand how someone so loving and caring could abuse children.  I, personally, just do not think it is true.  I feel sad for how his later years panned out.  I don't think he was very healthy and I think he was probably very lonely.  I know his children brightened his days.  Just reading the amazing things he did and accomplished just put me in awe.  He was a great performer, wrote so many of his songs and had a great love of people. 
I think that if you love Michael Jackson or even like some of his songs, you should definitely read this book.  The main reason-because it is written by him.

Rating: A

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